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Complete E&I Lighting Solution for AWQAF Mosque in Dubai

Complete customized interior illumination and solar street lighting

Sharaf DG Energy was entrusted the prestigious lighting project for AWQAF mosque. The project required a complete customized interior lighting solution for G+1 floor and solar street lighting. The scope of work included installation of the main Masjid chandelier, wall bracket lights, strip lights, down lights for different areas, spot light, boundary wall lights, solar pole lights and LED flood lights among others. The project was successfully delivered in 1 month and is now fully functional.

Crystal chandelier

The aim was to create a serene environment for worshippers who come to pray. The central piece of the mosque is a decorative crystal chandelier. It is majestic and awe-inspiring, emitting a light that glows with a natural luminance. The type of LED used determines the color and brightness of the space, enhancing the decorative and aesthetic aspects of the interior.Lighting designs and fixtures were carefully selected keeping in mind simplicity, clarity and purity aspects while observing clients’ needs as well as worshipers.

Solar street lights The mosque took an impressive step towards sustainability and energy conservation by adopting solar power. 15 solar street lights have been installed in and around the premise. These are eco-friendly, solar powered LED lights that absorbs sunlight and creates 30%-50% more brightness as compared to traditional street lights. It has in-built as well as external Battery with Battery Management System, which makes the installation and maintenance very easy. By installing energy savings LED lights and generating their own electricity through solar panels, the AWQAF mosque sets an example of humanity and love of environmental preservation.

Leaving incandescent lights behind Incandescent lights have been around for a long time and give out a warm, familiar light that feels like home. However, when compared to the new age LED lights, incandescent light proves to be highly inefficient. The expense, environmental impact and limited color range of incandescent bulbs are important factors to be considered during lighting evaluation

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