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Drydocks World - Lighting Retrofit Energy Performance Contract

Drydocks world dubai is the only large dry docks facility in the Persian Gulf. Opened in 1983, it's the largest ship repair facility in the Middle East and one of the world's leading shipyards.

The project aimed at delivering energy efficient lighting solution, without infringing the production and operations of the Yard Area facilities in Drydocks Dubai.

Sharaf Electronics also retrofitted Phase 1 for Drydocks Staff Accommodation, The lighting retrofit involved retrofitting 5500 Lights.

Client : Dubai Drydocks World

Main contractor : Etihad ESCO

ESCO : Sharaf Electronics LLC

The project was carried out seamlessly. First Sharaf DG conducted an energy & light audit to identify the energy consumption and lux levels of the existing lighting. After which we provided a comprehensive solution, ranging from the exact products to use and installation details.

We implemented the project along with Etihad ESCO, Replacing the older, conventional metal halide lights with Luceco LED luminaries.

Sharaf DG guaranteed maintenance and warranty on all the installed LED lighting systems for next 10 years and ensured a guaranteed savings bond for the warranty period.

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