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Dubai Hills - Fairways: A Solar-Powered Oasis of Sustainability

An innovative residential solar project located in Dubai Hills - Fairways boasts an array of meticulously crafted installations that capture the sun's radiant energy in an unmatched way. With a total solar capacity of 25 kW, these installations contribute significantly to the region's sustainable energy revolution. As part of its first operational year, the system generated 41,400 kWh of power. This established its role as an outstanding addition to Dubai's renewable energy narrative.

The financial benefits of this solar venture are indeed considerable. The privileged residents of bespoke homes within this enclave can envisage potential annual DEWA bill reductions amounting to AED 18,220. Realising these savings hinges upon each household's distinctive energy consumption habits. Furthermore, the anticipated solar Return on Investment (ROI) comfortably resides within the 16% to 20% bracket, rendering it an alluring prospect for those with an appreciation for environmental conscientiousness and financial gains. The foreseen payback period for this investment falls between 5.0 and 6.0 years, ensuring a prompt return on the initial capital investment.

Transcending monetary benefits, this solar initiative brings substantial environmental dividends. By eliminating approximately 10.8 metric tons of CO2 equivalents, the project adds a significant impetus to the region's carbon footprint reduction. As a testament to their commitment to environmental well-being, this installation has spurred the planting of 179 trees, enriching the local ecosystem. The project's optimistic reach extends to transportation, as the energy generated translates into carbon savings equivalent to those engendered by 2.4 Electric Vehicle (EV) cars driven for an entire year.

☀️ General Information




📍 Dubai Hills - Fairways (5 villas) Dubai

​Solar Capacity:

25 kWp

​Annual Solar Generation:

​41,400 kWh/year (YR-1)

💰 Financial figures:

​Reduction in DEWA Bill:

​Up to AED 18,220/ year (subject to personal usage by family)

​Estimated Solar ROI:


​Estimated Payback:

​5.0-6.0 years

🌳 Sustainability figures:

​Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalent avoided:

​10.8 metric tons

​Trees planted:


​Number of EV cars driven for one year:


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