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Meadows 2, Dubai Goes Green with Residential Solar Power

Residential solar development is underway in the peaceful environs of Meadows 2 in Dubai.

Rooftop Residential Solar Power Project implemented in Meadows 2 by Sharaf DG Energy
Rooftop Residential Solar Power Project implemented in Meadows 2 by Sharaf DG Energy

This development is characterized by meticulous solar installations designed to harness the sun's boundless energy. These installations boast an impressive solar capacity of 25 kW and are reshaping the landscape of the community with sustainable energy. In its starting year, the system has started to achieve remarkable solar energy production of 41,300 kWh, significantly reducing the local renewable energy dependency.

Financial Benefits of Residential Solar Power Project in Meadows 2, Dubai.

The financial benefits obtained from this solar initiative taken by villa owners are outstanding. Villa owners in this community can predict annual reductions in their DEWA bills, potentially saving up to AED 18,150. But this, of course, depends on individual household’s energy consumption patterns and requirements. The Owners can also anticipate solar Return on Investment (ROI) with a range of 16% to 20%. The calculated payback period for this investment is estimated to be between 5.0 and 6.0 years. This underlines the swift return on the initial capital outlay.

Beyond financial incentives, this solar project in the community also helps to yield substantial environmental advantages for Villa owners like avoiding ~ 10.8 metric tons of CO2 equivalents translates into a considerably reduced carbon footprint for the entire community. In a remarkable showcase of dedication to environmental welfare, the project also involves planting 179 trees, enriching the local ecosystem. Moreover, this positive impact extends to the transportation domain, where the energy generated is equivalent to the carbon savings from 2.4 Electric Vehicle (EV) cars being driven for an entire year.

☀️ General Information

Project Type:

Residential Solar Power Dubai


📍 Meadows 2, Dubai

​Solar Capacity:

25 kWp

​Annual Solar Generation:

​41,300 kWh/year (YR-1)

💰 Financial figures

​Reduction in DEWA Bill:

​Up to AED 18,150/ year (subject to personal usage by family)

​Estimated Solar ROI:


​Estimated Payback:

​5.0-6.0 years

🌳 Sustainability figures

​Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalent avoided:

​10.8 metric tons

​Trees planted:


​Number of EV cars driven for one year:


For more information on this remarkable residential solar project located in Hattan Meadows, Dubai, or if you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact

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