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More villas in Arabian Ranches1 getting solarized.

Sharaf Dg Energy, a leading provider of sustainable energy services, recently completed a project to install solar panels in a villa located in Arabian Ranches 1 , Savannah

In response to the growing demand for renewable energy solutions, more villas in the UAE are adopting solar power.

This project with new solar panels are designed to generate more than 36,800 kWh of clean energy each year, making a significant contribution to the villa's electricity needs. By reducing its reliance on grid power, the villa will not only save money on its energy bills, but also minimize its carbon footprint, helping to combat climate change.

The installation of solar panels is a wise investment for villa owners, Where energy bills accounting for a significant portion of household expenses

These solarized villas represents a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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