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Solar: Basic Tech

Solar panels harness energy and convert it into clean electricity to power our businesses, homes and lifestyle. Light from the Sun stimulates electrons on the solar panel. These electrons are called DC ( Direct Current). Solar electricity travels from the panel through an inverter to the circuit breaker of your building. An inverter changes DC electricity to AC ( Alternating Current ) to make it safely usable for you, before sending it to the breaker panel.

Your business or home uses this electricity to power your electric appliances throughout the day. It is like having a power plant on your roof with an endless supply of clean energy. If the excess electricity was produced, it goes back to the Grid of your utility provider and such electricity can be imported when your needs are high. The examples might be: cold storage facility that uses electricity 24/7 or a bottled water production factory that has a night shift.

Step 1: The array of solar panels receive the electron stimulus from the sunlight in a form of DC electricity.

Step 2: An inverter assigned for each string of solar panels converts the electricity from DC to AC.

Step 3: The solar meter counts the amount of electricity being produced with solar and transfers it to your LV panel, from where it is distributed to meet your energy requirements.

Step 4: You use the solar energy produced onsite by your solar power plant.

Step 5: The electricity demand that was not fulfilled by solar power will be imported from the utility provider ( e.g. DEWA). The utility meter is what matches the supply versus demand, and provides the data to the utility provider to issue a bill ultimately.


As a progressive and forward-thinking enterprise, Sharaf DG Energy brings together global experience and local knowledge to create sustainable solutions. Founded in 2014 as part of Sharaf Group’s conglomerate of 47 companies, Sharaf DG Energy aims to carry on Sharaf Group’s legacy as leaders in each industry it has operated in, since 1975.

At Sharaf DG Energy, the mission is to make solar power the largest source of sustainable energy in the UAE. Sharaf DG Energy provides sustainable energy solutions across a variety of business sectors so clients can generate their own clean energy, benefit from annual energy savings, and learn to value the natural environment.

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