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SUCCESS STORY: How Solar Energy Helps to Grow 20,000+ Organic Plants

SUCCESS STORY: How Solar Energy Helps to Grow 20,000+ Organic Plants in Temperature-Controlled Condition 365 Days in a Year.

A UAE-founded Greenhouse Farm , Pramie, did not sufficient power for its increased electricity requirement. Grid-power extention or installation & maintenance of a diesel generator were neither the cost-effective nor enviromentally-friendly options.

Pramie has approached Sharaf DG Energy to provide permanent power supply via Off-Grid Solar PV Power plant for its 24/7 operations. Upon power requirement assessment, 70KWp 45KVA 195KWh Energy Solution was Designed, Supplied, Installed & Commissioned.

130 Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. High-Yield Solar PV Panels installed over the rooftop will provide 112,000+ kWh of energy from the Sun annually, while 195 kWh Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery energy solution BYD will prevent any power outage. To ensure long-lasting operations, components from Holland-base company, Victron Energy a.k.a. "The Blue Power where chosen, installed & commissioned.

Thanks to Cerbo-GX installed, both the client and the installer will be able to monitor and remotely control the active load and the status of the battery, observe the generation of the system and receive alerts in case of any power wastage.

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