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Project Lighting - LED Lighting Services by Sharaf DG Energy in UAE
Your Savings from Day 1 

UAE's official distributor of the world's top lighting brands. Lighting project designer. Value Engineer.

Ask for a call-back to schedule a meeting, energy audit or project value re-assessment.

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Sharaf DG Energy - LED Lighting Services Company in UAE bring benefits at every stage of the business.

Here is how we add value to you...

Save on Electricity Bill and Preserve the Environment

Lighting can account for as much as 28% of the electric utility bill in a commercial or industrial building. LED lighting can save up to 50% over other lighting solutions, shrinking your carbon footprint significantly 

Forget About Maintenance for at Least 5 Years 

Replacing existing lighting with LED eliminates lamp replacement cycles and ballast maintenance. The life of LEDs are at least 5 times longer than fluorescent lamps and have a warranty of 5 years  

Gain Delight from Your Guests, Customers and Employees

Your employees’ morale and your visitors’ impression of the care you place in your brand will improve with a well-maintained environment

The All-in-One Lighting Solution to Boost Your New Project.


Energy audit

Helping you to discover potential areas of energy savings



We procure internationally certified products of the highest quality for you from our vendors


Design and engineering

Dialux software, strong technical team, specialized designing tools used by our design and estimation engineers



Expertise in installing a range of lighting services. Compliance to safety and efficiency standards.



Our design and estimation engineers who are always ready to help



Checking the system for optimum performance, making sure that it runs on highest efficiency

Access the proposed design, ask for re-accessing the value of the project.

Diverse. Versatile.

LEDs have a wide range of application, from lighting up your closet to powering up an entire utility


Case study

Al Thowima Residences by Meraas

Indoor lighting solutions based on the LUX-level specifications and evenness of the light distribution.



Case study

Springs Souk by Emaar

Complete value engineering and customized interior & exterior lighting with energy saving LED lighting technology.



Case study

Zulekha Hospital

Custom interior and exterior aesthetic light with energy saving LED lighting technologies.



Case study

AWQAF Mosque

Discover the turnkey lighting project with custom made interior illumination and solar street lighting.



Case study
12 Substations across UAE

Indoor lighting for switchgear, airlock, mobile DG socket, fire pump, HVAC, LVAC, DC, telecom, SCMS and battery rooms.

Grow your company by 

reducing the expenses.

Ask for a call-back to schedule a meeting, energy audit or project value re-assessment.


Over 250 completed lighting projects within 4 years all over UAE.

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