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On-Grid Commercial Solar

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85+ MWp
of Commercial & Industrial
Solar Expertise

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RCC Roofs

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Warehouse Roofs

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Solar Carparking

Commercial Solar

Sharaf DG Energy has 85+ MWp of ongoing and completed projects experience across warehouse, malls, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics segments where Solar PV System are connected to DEWA's grid under DRRG Shams Dubai Solar Program. Solar PV panels are installed by Sharaf DG Energy over rooftops, carparking, ground-mount and BIPV areas in order to allow the business owners to monetize the unused assets and bring their electricity bills to ZERO. 

Finance options

Solar Lease

Get the Solar Power Plant setup by Sharaf DG Energy using the Power Purchase Agreement for 15 or 20 or 25 years, also known as Solar Lease

Installment Plan

Breakdown your Solar PV Project cost into equal monthly installments and avoid upfront spend

Upfront Purchase

Get the Solar Power Plant setup by Sharaf DG Energy with the CAPEX model, also known as Solar EPC model

Operation & Maintenance
(Solar AMC)

Sharaf DG Energy provides in-house Operation & Maintenance service for the Residential, Commercial and Utility scale projects warranting its performance, providing retrofitting services if needed along with spare parts and reporting with thermal scanning and deployed on-ground monitoring solutions. 

Sharaf DG's Solar Projects


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