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Healthcare Lighting

Install necessity-based, LED lights and fixtures that improve the overall aesthetics and provide an ambient healing environment by combining warm and cool lighting effects.

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Create a healing environment

Here is why it is so important...

Good lighting is important for hospitals to operate, but the right lighting is capable of much more than just safely illuminating hallways, It can also speed patient recovery and reduce stress.

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When you think about clinical practice environments that medical professionals operate within, it is stressful. They must make quick and accurate diagnoses, and carry out complicated procedures that dramatically affect patients' quality of life.In choosing medical office lighting, these medical professionals are being set up for their utmost performance success in every procedure they under-take. Conversely, poor medical lighting equipment can contribute to chaotic light field that is ripe for medical errors and stress for both health care professionals and patients. Lighting must allow a medical team to successfully complete their daily tasks. A hospital environment has specific lighting needs for each typology of area. Public areas, circulation routes, ward and care areas will all have different requirements

areas will all have different requirements from lighting and colour application. Providing a pleasant environment for everyone and helping to guide users through a complex building are certainly priorities for the lighting provision. Trust your next project with us at Sharaf DG Energy to recieve the best tailored solutions.

“A study in the UK on improvements in patient recovery, found that patients were released one-and-a-half days earlier in a refurbished environment compared with an unchanged one,
and time spent in intensive supervisory care area was reduced by 70%.”

Lawson B, et al. Architectural Environment and its Effect on Patient Health Outcomes. University of Sheffield 2002.

The Options for You to Consider

Lighting is able to influence your world perception, feelings and emotions. We believe that the right lighting spread around the area in a hospital can enhance the healing process of the patient, and this is how we do it:

LED Down lights

Promote healing with lights tones that look similar to the daylight and helps to adjust the day & night cycles of the patient.

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