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Shining a Light on Sustainability: Solar Installations in Arabian Ranches 1-Hattan, Dubai

An innovative residential solar project lies discreetly nestled within Arabian Ranches 1 - Hattan, a residential community in Dubai blessed with sunshine all year round. This collection of solar installations has been thoughtfully designed to harness the sun's boundless energy. With an impressive solar capacity of 25 kWp, these installations contribute significantly to the region's sustainable energy landscape. In its inaugural year alone, the system generated an impressive 41,000 kWh of solar energy. This marks a substantial stride toward fortifying renewable energy prevalence in the area.

The economic advantages stemming from this commendable solar venture are compelling. Families who call this community home can expect significant reductions of up to AED 18,000 in their annual DEWA bills. This is based on their energy consumption habits. Moreover, the projected Return on Investment (ROI) for the solar project falls within a realistic range of 16% to 20%, making it an attractive proposition for those seeking financial prosperity and environmental responsibility. Remarkably, the estimated period for recouping the initial investment hovers around 5.0 to 6.0 years, a testament to its judicious capital yield.

Beyond the financial realm, the positive environmental impact of this undertaking is considerable. The community effectively lessens its carbon footprint by eliminating roughly 10.8 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalents. Moreover, the installation has facilitated planting 179 trees, nurturing the local ecosystem and showcasing a sincere dedication to environmental well-being. This commendable influence also extends to transportation; the energy generated is equivalent to the carbon savings from operating 2.4 Electric Vehicle (EV) cars for an entire year.

☀️ General Information




📍 Arabian Ranches 1 - Hattan, Dubai

​Solar Capacity:

25 kWp

​Annual Solar Generation:

​41,000 kWh/year (YR-1)

💰 Financial figures:

​Reduction in DEWA Bill:

​Up to AED 18,000/ year (subject to personal usage by family)

​Estimated Solar ROI:


​Estimated Payback:

​5.0-6.0 years

🌳 Sustainability figures:

​Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalent avoided:

​10.8 metric tons

​Trees planted:


​Number of EV cars driven for one year:


For further details or to inquire about this remarkable residential solar project in Arabian Ranches 1-Hattan in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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