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Solar Powered Living: Springs, Dubai Embraces Sustainable Energy

A visionary residential solar project is flourishing in Dubai's Spring neighbourhood. This endeavour presents an array of thoughtfully designed installations capturing the sun's radiant energy. With a combined solar capacity of 10 kW, these installations contribute significantly to the region's sustainable energy revolution. The system generated 16,140 kWh of solar energy in its inaugural operational year. This solidified its pivotal role in enhancing Dubai's renewable energy landscape.

Rooftop Residential Solar Project implemented in Springs Dubai
Rooftop Residential Solar Project implemented in Springs Dubai

The financial benefits stemming from this solar venture are indeed noteworthy. Residents of the elegant custom homes within this locale can anticipate annual reductions in DEWA bills of up to AED 7,100. These savings are, of course, contingent upon individual energy consumption patterns. Moreover, the projected solar Return on Investment (ROI) comfortably lies within the 16% to 20% range, appealing to those who value environmental responsibility and financial gains. This investment is anticipated to be repaid within 5.0 to 6.0 years, demonstrating its rapid return on investment.

Beyond economic gains, this solar initiative yields some environmental advantages. The project significantly reduces the region's carbon footprint by avoiding approximately 4.3 metric tons of CO2 equivalents. Serving as a testament to their commitment to environmental well-being, this installation has catalyzed the planting of 71.5 trees, enriching the local ecosystem. The project's positive implications extend even to transportation, with the energy generated equating to carbon savings equivalent to those achieved by 0.963 Electric Vehicle (EV) cars driven for an entire year.

☀️ General Information about the Solar Project:


Residential Solar Project


📍 Spring, Dubai

​Solar Capacity:

10 kWp

​Annual Solar Generation:

​16,140 kWh/year (YR-1)

💰 Financial Benefits of Residential Solar:

​Reduction in DEWA Bill:

​Up to AED 7,100/ year (subject to personal usage by family)

​Estimated Solar ROI:


​Estimated Payback:

​5.0-6.0 years

🌳 Sustainability figures:

​Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalent avoided:

​4.3 metric tons

​Trees planted:


​Number of EV cars driven for one year:


We would be happy to provide you with further details or answer any questions you might have about this noteworthy residential solar project in Spring, Dubai, and we look forward to hearing from you at

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