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This pure sine wave battery inverter charger with solar charge controller (MPPT) can provide power to connected loads by utilizing PV power, AC power and battery power. Most connections are optional, but there must be at least one power source (AC or PV) and battery connected.


This unit has one each of the following power connections: battery, PV, AC input, AC output. The unit is designed to provide continuous power from PV / battery or an AC source, depending on the set priority. Independently, the priority for charging the battery can be set (the battery can only be charged from AC when the unit is not working in Off-Grid mode). The switching time between Grid (also valid when an AC generator is used) and Off-Grid modes is only 10 milliseconds (typical).


In Grid mode the unit can pass AC power from the AC source to AC loads. PV power is only charged into the battery in this mode. In Off-Grid mode the AC loads are supplied by PV power and if not sufficient, also by the battery via the inverter. It is not possible to power AC loads with PV power and power for the AC source at the same time, only to switch back and forth between these sources.


The pure sine wave AC output and the surge power capability (twice the continuous power rating) assure all types of AC loads can be powered. Ensure that the peak power requirement of the loads is below the surge power capability of this inverter.

Phocos 3KW Hybrid Inverter With 80 MPPT - PSW-B

AED1,900.00 Regular Price
AED1,800.00Sale Price
  • Height - 0.46 m

    Length - 0.31 m


    Model Number - PSW-B-3KW-230/24V

    Weight - 9.60 kg

    Width - 0.12 m

    Color Family - Orange

    1 Year Warranty

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