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Shams Dubai Solar Program

Shams Dubai initiative encourages household and building owners to install PV panels to generate PV electricity, and connect them to DEWA’s grid for a number of benefits

We are a DEWA approved solar PV contractor under the name

[Sharaf DG] S D G Energy Contracting LLC

This means that we have the required technical expertise to carry out solar PV installations and additional connection processes on behalf of our clients in order to support them to connect their system to DEWA grid. 

Fiscal benefits

Installing a Solar PV plant is a one time investment that reaps 20 years of benefits. 

The primary incentive is  the savings on the electricity bill, as you will be purchasing less electricity from DEWA in order to meet your daily energy needs.

Environmental benefits

Solar energy is a form of renewable energy which is clean, secure, and limitless. It produces no emissions and has no negative environmental impact.

Using solar greatly reduces your carbon footprint as the energy produced by it can be quantified in terms of number of trees planted, no of cars taken off the road and megatones of carbon dioxide emissions avoided.

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