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Our Projects

Energy audit and lighting retrofit

for Sharaf DG - Times Square Center 

Sharaf DG's biggest store, located in Times Square Center, underwent major changes that leaded to the 65% energy savings due to applying Lighting Retrofit.

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Key figures

The project will take 18 months to complete, and will see the replacement of 8,500 outdoor lights, including high-mast lighting, and 7,000 indoor fixtures. Lighting technology from Germany’s Sylvania and Europole will be used for the project.


lights were retrofitted


electricity bill offset

30 days

project delivery timeline

Scope of work

Sharaf DG Energy was entrusted to with the engineering and installation of the turn key energy savings project. A comprehensive study of the mall elucidated that the client was facing issues of irregular uniformity, low light levels, frequent failures & high running and maintenance cost. On the energy front, we concluded that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system were the primary areas of energy consumption and hence presented an opportunity for major savings.

On the energy conservation front, an ESCO Model was proposed to achieve energy efficiency. Over 2000 pieces of Liner LED light and Down Lights were installed. The energy savings achieved was 65%.

The environment Sharaf DG creates to deliver a memorable retail experience should be welcoming and engaging - and correct lighting is essential for it.

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