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Commercial lighting

Savings and Aesthetic from Day 1 

Choose elegantly styled lighting designs to add beauty and emotional value to a building. Improve overall customer experience by focusing on intelligent and energy efficient lighting.

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Your business blossoms

Here is why it is so important...

Good quality lighting directs the traffic into your store by creating a stunning and memorable first impression.  Selling products is easier when the customer sees them in the right light.

Right light also affects buying decisions because customers spend more time in your store if they feel comfortable and can easily look around at displayed merchandize. It also helps store staff to be active and focused, thus offering better customer service.

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Importance of lighting in retail

  • Attracts and invites customers into the store

  • Increases the chances of a sale

  • Improves operational costs and helps save on energy consumption

  • Employees become more focused on tasks and enjoy the work more

  • Draws the attention to specific products for better examination

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Key focus areas in retail lighting

LEDs have a wide range of application, from lighting up your closet to powering up an entire utility

Image by Alexander Kovacs

Commercial lighting

Transaction area

Quality bright lights can help you to make the customer's buying journey as easy as possible. You can also highlight some items you have on sale near or at the point of purchase.


Commercial lighting

Fitting rooms

Each fitting room requires its own proper illumination, if the customer looks good, he or she will feel good and increase the chances of them making a purchase.


Commercial lighting

Product display

A combination of recessed down lights with warm white color and decorative lights are ideally used.Task lighting at the mirror helps you see yourself clearly.


Commercial lighting

Window display

Ceiling spot lights help to illuminate work tops for food preparation, whereas cabinet lighting styles assist darker spots within the kitchen.

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The All-in-One Lighting Solution to Boost Your New Project.


Energy audit

Helping you to discover potential areas of energy savings


Design and engineering

Dialux software, strong technical team, specialized designing tools used by our design and estimation engineers



We procure internationally certified products of the highest quality for you from our vendors



Our design and estimation engineers who are always ready to help



Expertise in installing a range of lighting services. Compliance to safety and efficiency standards.



Checking the system for optimum performance, making sure that it runs on highest efficiency

Access the proposed design, ask for re-accessing the value of the project.

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