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2020: How WAREHOUSES and FACTORIES across the UAE can reduce there ELECTRIC bills

Sharaf DG Energy, one of the leading solar energy solution providers in the UAE vows to tackle the issue of climate change head on, stating that the starting point should be within warehouses and factories across the region.

Manufacturing represents 54% of the world’s energy consumption and is responsible for 20% of global emissions – increase in efficiency can help to conserve energy and contribute to global CO2 reductions. Rising environmental issues and growing economic uncertainty means manufacturers must rework their current practices to ensure more is done to reduce harmful emissions and waste disposal that has a negative impact on the planet.

The logistics industry is becoming increasingly aware of its ecological impacts meaning warehouses and factories are the perfect starting place for companies to implement sustainable solutions. A combination of extensive unused rooftop space, the need for generating clean and reliable energy and the possibility of generating additional income makes warehouse ideal for solar.

The concept behind green logistics is to create measurable reductions in CO2 emissions due to daily operations from logistics and warehousing activities. To optimize operations, it is essential to create strategies that will lower costs and conserve energy. “As the climate emergency accelerates, factories and warehouses must adapt and create new strategies with sustainability at the core of their business” says Vice President of Sharaf DG Energy, Sanjay Dabur. “There is an opportunity to turn the negative into positive and use the current environmental climate as an opportunity to look internally – Middle East manufacturers should implement the necessary changes towards becoming more sustainable – streamline processes and begin to see this as an opportunity as apposed to a threat”.

Installing solar panels on a warehouse is financially beneficial as well as a great way to utilise empty roof space” says Mr. Dabur. “The key advantage of using solar panels is that a warehouse can become more self-reliant by producing its own energy which can amount to significant savings over time".

Sharaf DG Energy believes the companies that will successfully navigate the current environmental issues are those that embrace sustainable solutions across their factories and supply chains – improving operations whilst increasing sustainability means higher productivity and smoother processes that will in turn benefit all areas of the company.

By making the switch to solar, Dubai warehouses could benefit from extensive annual savings, security from producing their own clean energy that isn’t dependent on stability of the energy market, along with the biggest advantage being less pollution of the planet.


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