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Off-Grid Residential Solar

Solar Energy Storage installation by Sharaf DG Energy_v.1.jpg


Eliminate dependency on Diesel Generator

Save on Fossil Fuels Cost 

Get Power in Rural Areas

Solar Solution with Energy Storage
across UAE

All-in-One Solutions

Solar Energy Solutions by Sharaf DG Energy includes full supply, delivery, installation, testing and post-sale support making it  is now available all across UAE. Standalone solar system provides a residential or a business owner with a reliable supply of power during the daytime that can be stored in battery banks or combined with existing diesel generators.

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Solar ESS by Sharaf DG.jpg
Solar ESS and Genset by Sharaf DG.jpg


Flexible Payment Plan

 Installment Plan via Credit Card

Pay for your solar systems in 12, 24 or 48 Equal Monthly Installments using any of your UAE's credit cards listed with Sharaf DG. Applicable for purchases < AED 100,000.

Upfront CAPEX Purchase

Purchase your solar system upfront and begin your solar journey today.

Installment Plan by Sharaf DG

If your hybrid solar system solution cost is over AED 100,000, you can request for a custom payment plan by Sharaf DG.


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